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Help our reader solve his brick wall

We need the help of our expert readers

Can you help our reader solve this brick wall he’s come against in his research?

I have struggled to track the final years of a member of one of my family trees, Thomas Anthony (sometimes spelled as Antoney) Robson. The last positive record I had was from the 1891 Census which showed him as ‘resident’ in the Sunderland Union Workhouse. His wife and 2 daughters were listed at an address in the area.
The 1901 marriage certificate of one daughter indicated that he was then deceased. Try as I might I could find no BMD entry for his death. I obtained at least one which proved irrelevant.

Not until I tried the Durham Records Online website was I able to find a Burial entry in 1894 in Sunderland Cemetary that matches the man I was tracking. Am I right in thinking that no registration of deaths in the workhouse were made ? Was it officially sanctioned to save expense perhaps?

The best responses will be printed in the magazine.

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