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Old 05-01-2012, 08:04 PM
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Default Origin of name

I have a female ancestor in my tree who's first name is Remillion. She was born circa 1809 in Kent, Uk. The only other person in the tree with this name is one of her grand-daughter's who was given the same name. I have no idea where the name has come from or what it means. Her parents were ag-labs, born, lived and died in the same Kent village so I can't even begin to guess where they came up with this name.

Any ideas on it's origin or where I can look for more information would be gratefully received. It's baffled me for years so anything to help appreciated!

Many thanks

Researching Joy, Coomber, Lowman (Kent), Singyard (Kent and Bermondsey), Day (Kent and Suffolk), Pitts (Gloucestershire and South Wales), Ockford, Close (Gloucestershire), Scales (Rotherhithe/Bermondsey), Lowman (Kent and Canada)
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Sounds French to me - possibly someone with that name/surname arrived in Kent from the Continent, and your ancestors liked the name? Sorry, that's the best I can do! I hope you find the reason behind it. (I found a whole brood of men called Phatuel Harrison in a friend's tree - now there's a good Yorkshire name......not!)
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