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Default What information does form PA1S get you?

Hello all,

I want to order copies of probate records using form PA1S from here:


but I can't quite understand what you get back. I am trying to trace both relationships and financial flows (who gave what to whom). Do the documents you get back state both of these things (the value of the estate and who they gave it to)?

My thanks,
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Put PA1S on my search bar and found this

Wills may mention dead ancestors, pregnant wives, married daughters, grandchildren .... you have a snapshot of circumstances when the will was made, not when the testator died.

You cannot tell how much detail a will may contain until you’ve read it. A will may be the only document to link branches of the family living in different counties, particularly after 1901. What a will does not tell you is someone’s full fortune. Land is generally not mentioned in wills. Conversely, some people's wills totalled more than their assets!

So until you get the copy and read it you will not know if it contains anything of use to you.

Researching the main ones: Aiston, Brown, Bruce, Booth, Hodgson, Parker (Durham) Lowson. Townson, Dent, Raine, Bayles (Durham/Yorkshire) Simpson, Forsyth (Aberdeenshire) among others.

cul sith beag na daile
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